CTL Line, Cone Uncoiler with Kobelt Disk Brake

Brake, one mounted on each of two Cones Kobelt 5025-A Caliper 4”x7” rubbing surface, 30” OD Kobelt High Energy Disk Application Data: Uncoiler for Cut-to-Length line 74” Max OD Coil, ID 20-24” 73” Max Coil Width 64,000 Max Coil Weight 12-16 gauge steel 150 FPM Feed rate 15 Cuts/minute max 14” – 340” cut lengths

Wide Tension Range – Multi-Actuator Brakes

Precise unwind tension control sometimes requires brakes with a wide torque range to meet the wide range of materials (tensions) and widths run on a line.  This is further complicated by the larger rolls (coils) to be unwound (uncoiled).  To put this in perspective, a roll with 72″ OD and 6″ core will require a Read More …